What Sets Us Apart

  • PEOPLE: Our girls, many of whom are graduates, come to the big city to realise, that without a fluency in English, landing a job is hard. They instead eke out a living cleaning homes and doing dishes. But what they have, is an innate ability with art & design. We identify & hone these skills. Give them community. Safety. Growth. They get to create art while having fun. But most profoundly, they get to read, they get to write, & they get to internalise words such as "dream big", "adventure calling" & "life is beautiful".
    • Now, can you imagine, the profound impact these words have on their lives, their dreams, their aspirations? This is our biggest strength. Our people :) For we love what we do, and it shows. We create art. Made from the heart, one piece at a time :)
    • Oh and did we mention? We're pioneers in the art of creating hand-lettered, hand-painted wall plates! Wohoo! 
    • Our work is rooted in our fascination with words. You'll see our artwork, is a lot about positive affirmation - Thoughts shape our actions, which in turn shape our lives. So now imagine, looking up at a "believe in your story" in times of struggle. Or a "celebrate today" to anchor you in these fast-paced times. Don't you think what you see, each day, every day, will help you ruminate. & drive you towards an extraordinary life :)