What makes Milestones different?

  • PEOPLE: Our girls, many of whom are graduates, come to the big city to realise, that without a fluency in English, landing a job is hard. They instead eke out a living cleaning homes and doing dishes. But what they have, is an innate ability with art & design. We identify & hone these skills. Give them community. Safety. Growth. They get to create art while having fun. But most profoundly, they get to read, they get to write, & they get to internalise words such as "dream big", "adventure calling" & "life is beautiful".
    • Now, can you imagine, the profound impact these words have on their lives, their dreams, their aspirations? This is our biggest strength. Our people :) For we love what we do, and it shows. We create art. Made from the heart, one piece at a time :)
    • Oh and did we mention? We're pioneers in the art of creating hand-lettered, hand-painted wall plates! Wohoo! 
    • Our work is rooted in our fascination with words. You'll see our artwork, is a lot about positive affirmation - Thoughts shape our actions, which in turn shape our lives. So now imagine, looking up at a "believe in your story" in times of struggle. Or a "celebrate today" to anchor you in these fast-paced times. Don't you think what you see, each day, every day, will help you ruminate. & drive you towards an extraordinary life :)

    What do I receive with my purchase?

    • The product(s) you purchased
    • Basic paraphernalia (like nails & washers) to get you started 
    • Lots of love..  & a surprise gift ! 

    What are your shipping policies for India?

    • Usually delivers in 2-4 working days to Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai & Hyderabad, and 5-7 working days in Rest of India
    • For Express delivery, please Whatsapp at 9833799812
    • Shop Risk Free - Products are delivered to your doorstep in well protected packaging
    • Add a personalised handwritten note & gift wrap your parcel for Rs.99

    Do you ship overseas?

    • Yes! With the courier partner of your choice :)
    • All you got to do is share the local contact of your vendor/family where you're aggregating your Indian purchases.
    • And for no added charge, we'll doubly package your products for their overseas travels :)
    • PS - Personalized Notes & Gift Wrapping options also available

    What is your return policy?

    We're committed to your satisfaction 🙂 While most of our products are limited edition ceramics which require specialised packaging, we're here to assist with returns or exchanges if needed. 

    What We Accept Returns/Exchanges For:

    • Incorrect item delivered
    • Damaged artwork (please photograph the damage upon arrival)

    How to Initiate an Exchange: Reach out to us via WhatsApp at 9833799812 within 48 hours of delivery. Provide your order number & photos for prompt assistance.

    Return Guidelines:

    • Products must be unused & returned in original packaging alongwith all tags.
    • Please note, we cannot accommodate size-related exchanges. Review product dimensions & materials carefully before purchase.

    Quality Assurance: Our products are handmade, one piece at a time. Distinctions & variations are not product flaws, but an inherent part of our creative process. But worry not! Quality is never compromised & doesn't fall under this disclaimer 🙂

    Questions? If you have any questions about our return policy, feel free to contact us. We're here to ensure your satisfaction!

    What payment methods can I use?

    • We accept all major payment modes including UPI, Credit / Debit cards, Netbanking & mobile Wallets
    • For cash on delivery (COD) or International cards please Whatsapp us at 9833799812
    • We also feature Fast Checkout options, allowing you to securely save your card details for the future 

      Do you offer COD?

      Yes absolutely we have a Cash on Delivery option! Whatsapp us @ 9833799812 and we'll share you all details 🙂

      Can you create something customized for me?

      • While we started our journey with custom orders, the compounding word-of-mouth taught us the art of mindful-production. That is, to grow sustainably, we needed to create in small batches. This not only helps in ensuring superior quality & minimal wastage, but also in attaining that artistic "flow"
      • Now this tug between constrained bandwidths, and the LOVE for personalized artwork, has helped us strike a balance - where for a few extra days & dollars we could:
        • customize a small batch of artwork for your home / gift / corporate engagement
        • add a significant date, a hashtag or a monogram at the back of your Wall Plate
        • customize the text on your Wall Cup Planter or Fridge Magnet
      • Remember, the process of custom making artwork takes ~3 weeks. Please keep this turnaround period in mind while planning your customization
          • Have questions? Want to know more? We'll be on milestones.hwl@gmail.com

            There's a piece I love, but its sold out - help!

            • Hey don't worry! Write to us at milestones.hwl@gmail.com, and we'll be delighted to make you that favorite piece :)
            • Only remember, it takes us weeks to craft the product by hand, so there could be a wait. That said, we understand your urgency, and will do our very best to create and ship the artwork asap!

            Can we personalize the gifting experience for a special occasion?

            • Oh we LOVE Milestones, and are super excited to be a part of yours! For a couple of extra days and dollars, here is how we can make the gifting experience even more special:
            1. We pretty up the packaging, and slip in a hand-written, personalized note inside the gift box.
            2. More? We place this beautiful parchment inside a quaint little message bottle, so the note can be treasured for life!
            3. Even more? A date; a hashtag; a monogram painted at the back of the wall plate to signify the occasion!
            • Have other ideas? Want to find out more? We'll be at milestones.hwl@gmail.com 

            Okay, I'm really confused, I LOVE so many wall plates - how do I decide what makes a set?

            Just drop us a hi on whatsapp (9833-799-812) and we'll be with you every step of the way!