• While we started our journey with custom orders, the compounding word-of-mouth taught us the art of mindful-production. That is, to grow sustainably, we needed to create in small batches. This not only helps in ensuring superior quality & minimal wastage, but also in attaining that artistic "flow"
  • Now this tug between constrained bandwidths, and the LOVE for personalized artwork, has helped us strike a balance - where for a few extra days & dollars we could:
    • customize a small batch of artwork for your home / gift / corporate engagement
    • add a significant date, a hashtag or a monogram at the back of your Wall Plate
    • customize the text on your Wall Cup Planter or Fridge Magnet
  • Remember, the process of custom making artwork takes ~3 weeks. Please keep this turnaround period in mind while planning your customization
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