Hey you!

Life is a mindset game, I realised. Surround yourself with belief, positivity & gratitude, you’ll see your days transform.

So a lot of hard work, play & experiment later, we combine our many loves, and present the brightest, the quirkiest, the most thoughtful decor. Artwork that’ll inspire you to an extraordinary living.

I'm Aparna! Banker turned Hand-Lettering Artist, & the force behind Milestones :)

From our small Bangalore home studio, we not only create the most beautiful wall plates; but through training & sustainable job creation, we empower young migrant girls to dream & build a brighter future.

Handlettering cute messages on ceramics didn’t happen overnight. It started with a chance discovery that the handwritten notes I was sticking around my room, not only reflected; but also influenced my journey.

Transforming Lives

Each individual wall plate is hand painted with utmost care & precision. Our girls, many of whom are graduates, come to the big city to realise, that without a fluency in English, landing a job is hard. They instead eke out a living cleaning homes and doing dishes.

But what they have, is an innate ability with art & design. We identify & hone these skills. Give them community. Safety. Growth. They get to create art while having fun. But most profoundly, they get to read, they get to write, & they get to internalise words such as "dream big", "adventure calling" & "life is beautiful".

Empowering Women

Creating jobs for women is especially important to community transformation - research shows that women will spend up to 90% of their earnings on the health, nutrition & education of their families.omes and doing dishes.

Turning women into breadwinners improves their status in the community, builds self-esteem & enables them to pool resources to improve infrastructure.

How did we get here?

By pursuing joy. And by connecting myriad dots including my love for Pretty Spaces. Positive Vibes. Adventure. Art. Impact. Celebration. & People :)

And then I got lucky. With the best family, aka, the best team in the world! So while I play artist, photographer, storyteller, social media manager, web developer, teacher & office boy. The mums & the dads play advisors, sounding boards & pillars. The husband is confidante, partner & guide :)